What is looked at in a full structural survey?

If you’re looking to buy a new property, then you’ll want to ensure that your money is being invested in a structurally sound and safe building. This is where a full structural survey is essential. It’s important to be aware of any potential issues, damages or factors that may decrease the property’s value. 

So, what’s covered in a full structural survey? Also known as a Level 3 Home Survey, this level of inspection covers every basis, from a detailed description of every part of the building, to any potential hazards that may cause future damage to the property. 

To help you learn more about a full structural survey, when you’ll need one and if they’re essential to you, our expert team have put together this short guide for you to explore. Simply keep reading to learn more about how Level 3 Home Surveys may be important for you.

What is involved in a full structural survey?

A full structural survey is the highest level of survey you can purchase to investigate the condition of a property. This type of inspection not only determines if there’s any additional costs to fix any potential problems, but also how much those costs are estimated to be and how urgent they are to get fixed. In a nutshell, you’ll be provided with a complete comprehensive overview of the property’s condition. 

To be more specific, your full structural survey will include:

  • Room-by-room descriptions and detailed analysis of the building’s condition.
  • Photographs to document any evidence of the property’s condition.
  • Descriptions of any potential hazards that need to be addressed.
  • Cost breakdown of any potential fixes that will need attending to.
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and energy efficiency advice. 
  • Details of any legal matters relating to the property.

Unlike a lower-standard valuation, Level 3 Home Surveys examine all details of the property, from large problems to small defects. This may even include examining the condition of the property underneath carpets or floorboards, so it’s worth considering that they may feel intrusive if you live in the property that’s due to be inspected. However, to safeguard the condition of your property, they’re worth the short inconvenience. 

Who can carry out a full structural assessment on my property?

Only a RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Chartered Surveyor can carry out the in-depth inspection of your property that’s required for your full structural assessment. This is to ensure that the client is provided with the highest quality survey from an experienced and trained professional, and that the survey is carried out to the best standards. This not only protects the client to guarantee that they’ve been provided with an outstanding service, but also helps to protect the property by identifying any minor or serious defects that may need addressing. 

How long does a full structural survey take?

Due to the in-depth requirements of this survey, they often take an average of three to eight hours to complete. This does not include writing up the report, which may take up to 3 weeks to finalise. For this reason, if you’re planning ahead for your full structural survey, then it’s worth making sure that you’re available for the whole working day to have the survey completed. 

Do I need a full structural survey?

When looking to cut down on costs during the process of buying a property, most people often ask the dreaded question, “do I really need a full structural survey?” To avoid the risk of any surprise damages or costs once you’ve moved in, the answer is always yes. This is especially the case if your potential purchase property is grade listed, old or has any unusual features. 

While they’re not a legal requirement, they provide the peace-of-mind that the money in which you’ve used to purchase your property is a sound investment. For this reason, they’re essential for providing reassurance to the buyer that their new property is in great condition. If any problems are identified within the survey, you may be entitled to request to the buyer that they fix it before the property is sold. 

The truth is that unless you carry out a survey, you won’t know the full condition of the property until you have full access to it. To protect yourself against any unwanted costs, a full valuation survey will address all or any issues. 

How much does a full structural survey cost in the UK?

As one of the most comprehensive and detailed surveys you can have conducted, it may come as no surprise that the cost is higher than that of a standard property survey. On average, a Level 3 Home Survey can cost anywhere between £400 to £2000. 

Why choose Crest Surveyors?

If you’re looking for a RICS-qualified Chartered Surveyor to conduct your full property valuation within London and the surrounding areas, then our qualified and experienced team at Crest Surveyors are here to help.

We provide budget-friendly house valuations to provide you with security and confidence to aid you in your decisions. Not only do we provide a thorough report to detail your completed surveys, but we’re also available to assist with any questions, legal guidance and support during your property purchase journey. 

To learn more about our full structural surveys, simply contact one of our team members today.




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