Building Defect Surveys

Investigate suspected and confirmed defects on properties with a building defect survey.

Building defect surveys, also known as a defect analysis survey, or a building defect report, is the process of investigating possible and confirmed defects found in properties so that owners and potential buyers have all the information they need to make good decisions. Building defect surveys can be conducted on both residential and commercial properties. 

Building defect surveys help homeowners and potential buyers to determine if a suspected defect is serious, the causes of the defect, and provide recommendations for fixing the defect, as well as detailing the implications of not carrying out maintenance on the defect within a suitable time frame. 

Defect analysis surveys are useful for assessing a specific area, or defect, of a property, and can be much more cost effective than conducting a full building survey. 

When Would I Need a Building Defect Survey?

  • Building defect analysis is necessary if you have identified an issue with the property
  • Alternatively, a building defect survey is useful in identifying or pinpointing suspected defects
  • A building defect report helps owners to identify the cause of defects or suspected defects 

What Can a Building Defect Survey Be Used For?

A building defect analysis report can be used to probe several categories of building defects including:

  • Dampness
  • Structural issues
  • Roof covering defects
  • Downpipe and gutter defects
  • And many others

How Much Does a Building Defect Survey Cost?

Building defect surveys cost from £600 in London and the surrounding areas with Crest Chartered Surveyors. 

All prices include VAT.

Do I need a Building Defect Survey?

A building defect survey isn’t a legal requirement, but it will help to guarantee peace of mind that the property you’re purchasing, or that you own, is of sound structure. For this reason, it is highly recommended that a survey is completed to ensure that there are no required maintenance costs that you need to complete to safeguard the property.

If any repairs are required, your report will detail all issues and include a reason for the cause of issue. We will also provide you with details on how to fix the issue, with recommendations for any builders, plumbers or contractors in London and the surrounding areas.

two people surveying a house

Why Choose Crest Chartered Surveyors?

At Crest Chartered Surveyors, all of our surveyors are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). This means that not only do you receive a service second to none, but also receive the quickest and most cost-effective solutions for your survey and valuation needs.

Book a Building Defect Survey with Crest Chartered Surveyors

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