Defect Analysis Survey

For carrying out investigative analysis on possible and confirmed defects found in properties.

A defect survey is carried out to investigate a suspected problem or a defect the homeowner or homebuyer has on a property. Defect surveys can be carried out on both residential and commercial properties.

The Defect Analysis Survey will help you find out if the defect is a serious one or not, the causes of the defect, the best way to fix the problem, and the implications of not carrying out quick maintenance on the property.

When a survey is needed to asses a particular problem or defect on a property, a defect survey might be more suitable and cost-effective than building survey.

When do I need this survey?
  • A property defect survey becomes necessary if you have identified an issue with your property or you are worried about a suspected problem.
  • A defect analysis report will help pinpoint the actual cause of the defect and proffer advice or suggestions on how to fix it. So rather than fixing the defects or issues only, you will be able to arrest the issue from the source, thereby saving you the cost of getting contractors to fix the same defect every now and then.
What can it be used for?
A Defect Analysis Report can be used to probe several categories of building defects including:
  • Dampness
  • Structural issues
  • Roof covering defects
  • Down Pipe and gutter defects
  • And many others.
How much would this cost?

Prices start from £450.

All prices include VAT.

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