RICS Property Valuations

Know the value of a property before committing

RICS Property Valuations

A RICS property valuation is a visual inspection and detailed analysis of a property by RICS Registered Valuers, followed by a detailed report highlighting the findings. The main purpose of independent property valuation is to ascertain the property’s market value or to determine how joint assets would be shared upon sale of the property.

Our RICS Registered Valuers provide property valuation services for residential clients. We boast of a team of highly experienced and qualified surveyors that compile impartial reports, providing you with the most accurate view of your property. We take pride in being able to offer our clients high-quality services that exceed the traditional valuation services.

When are RICS Property Valuations Needed

  • Securing a loan – If you are securing a loan against your property, it is likely that the loan company will request for a secured lending valuation.
  • Buying a property – To ascertain the market value of the property and help you avoid paying more than the property’s worth.
  • Selling property – To determine the current market value of the property so as to be able to set a fair and marketable price.
  • Reporting Corporate account – To report companies’ assets, valuation is needed to provide the current market value of the properties.
  • Matrimonial – To determine the market value of a jointly owned property. A matrimonial valuation can also be used to ascertain how the property will be shared between individuals involved in divorce proceedings.
  • Other purposes of market valuation include the determination of rental value of a property, personal asset valuation, and many more.

How Much Does a RICS Property Valuation Cost?

At Crest Chartered Surveyors, you’re not just getting a property valuation, you’re also getting years of experience from highly qualified RICS Registered Valuers. We offer a quality service that you can trust, whilst always providing the quickest and most cost-effective solutions for your survey and valuation needs.

Our RICS Property Valuation prices start from:

  • £349 for up to a 2-bed property
  • £369 for a 3-bed property
  • £399 for a 4-bed property
  • £449 for a 5-bed property

All prices include VAT.


Do I need a property valuation?

It is strongly recommended to get a property valuation if you are considering buying or selling a property, are splitting joint assets, are reporting financial assets, or need to determine the rental value of a property, amongst other reasons. This ensures that you are equipped with the accurate market value of the property in question, before proceeding with plans.

Why do I need a valuation report?

A valuation report details the property’s location, condition, and other important factors to accurately determine the market value of the property, prior to buying, selling, or renting. This information lets you know if the price you intend to pay or sell for is accurate, which may save you money and heartache further down the road.

What does a surveyor look at when valuing a house?

When assessing a property, our RICS registered valuers typically review the following:

  • How the property is built – is it of traditional, or non-traditional construction?
  • A brief inspection of the overall condition of the property.
  • Signs of damp, structural damage, bad wiring, roof damage, etc.
  • How modern is the property? Has it been modernised or refurbished?
  • Are declared details and features accurate, e.g. period features, number of bedrooms.
  • How the property compares to other houses in the local area.

How long does a valuation survey take?

A property valuation typically takes around 30 minutes to conduct, depending on the size of the property, and the resulting report will be delivered within 6 working days.

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