RICS Building Survey

Get in-depth analysis on the state of a property and cost of repairs, from a RICS registered surveyor.

Buying a property? Let’s take care of the detail.

At Crest surveyors, we help our clients diagnose defects and assess the damage on their properties. We carry out an in-depth analysis of the property construction and condition; and provide our clients with a comprehensive report that includes advice on defects, repairs, and the cost that will be required to maintain or put the building in sound condition. We help them prioritize defects or damages requiring immediate repair or investigation. Our team of highly skilled and experienced RICS accredited surveyors can also carry out a building survey tailored to your specific requirement.

A building/structural survey is recommended for properties that are over 100 years old. It is also vital to carry out structural surveys on properties that are constructed using unconventional materials or methods. Building surveys provide homebuyers with information that will help them make informed decisions as regards the property they want to buy.

When do I need this survey?
  • The building is listed or over 100 years old.
  • The property has been altered or extended.
  • The building has a history of structural damage.
  • The building has a history of structural damage.
  • There are significant damage or defects on the property.
What’s included in the report?
  • Technical information about the property’s construction and the materials used.
  • Defects that needs prompt attention.
  • Hidden defects or problems.
  • Ongoing maintenance that may be required in the future.
  • Effects and problems that may arise if certain maintenance or repairs are not carried out.
  • Photographs that provide a detailed picture of the building’s condition.
How much would this cost?
  • £799 for up to a 2-bed property
  • £869 for a 3-bed property
  • £949 for a 4-bed property
  • £1,099 for a 5-bed property
  • Properties over £1million are charged at a higher fee.

* Include a Valuation for an additional £99.
All prices include VAT.

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