Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessment

Our skilled RICS Registered Valuers will help you assess your property and provide a reliable Insurance Reinstatement Valuation. We are proficient at undertaking valuations for both commercial and residential properties, and our specialist RICS Registered Valuers are skilled at taking detailed measurements and carrying out an assessment of the property to determine an adequate reinstatement cost.

What is an Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessment?

Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessment (also known as rebuild cost or building sum insured) is undertaken to determine the cost of rebuilding a property in case there is a total loss.

The reinstatement cost of your property has no direct bearing with its market value. However, it is vital for homeowners or homebuyers to know the reinstatement cost of their property, as it will be needed for their building’s insurance policy.

Why is an Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessment Important?

It is vital to know the correct reinstatement cost of your property so that you don’t under-insure or over-insure your property. If you under-insure your property, your insurance company may not be able to pay out a full claim. However, if you over-insure your property, it simply means you are paying in excess of the amount needed to fully insure your building.

What are the Factors That May Affect an Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessment?

Some of the factors that affect Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessment are:

  • Listed Property – If the property you want to assess is listed, it will likely increase the reinstatement cost.
  • Location – Some property locations attract higher premiums than others.
  • Site Factors – these include factors such as availability of workspace, access to railway lines, proximity to rivers, etc.
    Property Size and
  • Construction – The size of the property and the type of construction has a direct effect on the reinstatement cost.


It is not a legal requirement, but a reinstatement cost assessment is vitally important for calculating the cost to replace, repair, or rebuild your property in the event of damage or loss. Many building insurance companies will require this assessment figure.

RICS recommends that Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessments should be carried out every 3-5 years to ensure that the valuation remains accurate and correctly covers your assets.

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