Roof and Guttering Issues

Learn more about what to do if you suspect roof and guttering issues, and what this means if you’re selling or purchasing a property in London.

Damaged, clogged or unsealed gutters run a high risk of causing roof leaks and other water damage to your property. If you’re concerned about your current property and are seeking expert advice, or you’re seeking assurance that a property you’re considering purchasing is in sound condition, then get in contact with one of our RICS qualified surveyors here at Crest Surveyors for more information. 

What causes a leaking gutter?

There are many different factors that contribute towards a leaking gutter. The most common issue results from gutters that are blocked, from dirt, moss or other naturally-produced materials that occur over time. If left untreated, this can result in a roof leak which may cause property damage such as damp, mould or condensation that decreases the value of your property. Water damage can cause damage that can be costly to repair, which is why if you suspect that you have an issue with leaking gutters, you get it checked out by a professional as soon as possible. 

If you suspect that your property, or one that you’re considering purchasing, has a leaking gutter, then you will need the help of a RICS-qualified surveyor to determine the causes, recommended solutions, and estimated cost. Your surveyor will also help you to source a local and reliable professional to fix any issues, and prevent the issue from occurring again. 

How do you fix a roof leak?

There are a variety of different methods to fix a roof leak that each depend on the cause of the issue, and the severity of it. In most cases, a blocked gutter can be fixed by simply removing the dirt or debris that has accumulated. However, if the block has been present for a significant amount of time, water damage may be more substantial and need a higher degree of care and attention. In some cases, this may mean new roof tiling and new gutters altogether. 

As each case is unique, our trained experts at Chest Surveyors will be able to advise you further on the matter. 

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