Can I Do My Own Schedule of Conditions?

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Schedule of condition surveys are an important aspect of any tenancy agreement, but can just anyone complete them? In this blog, Crest Surveyors whether you can complete your own schedule of conditions survey as well why they are such an important piece of documentation. 

So, can I do my own schedule of condition? With the landlord’s permission, anyone  is able to complete a schedule of conditions survey, provided that they follow the correct structure to ensure all details and relevant aspects are included. Despite this, it is advisable that a qualified surveyor completes the survey for accuracy.

Keep reading to find out more about how long the schedule of conditions is valid for as well as why they are so important. 

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Can I Complete My Own Schedule of Condition?

Schedule of conditions can be produced by anyone with the owner or landlord’s permission, however it is advisable that a professional is hired to undertake this task. The reason for this is because they will have the experience to complete the schedule of condition both thoroughly and accurately, without missing out any vital steps. This means that, if the schedule of condition was to be used as evidence in a dispute, you can rely on the documentation being detailed and accurate enough to support the argument. 

How Long Will It Take You to Produce Your Own Schedule of Condition?

Typically a schedule of conditions survey will take a couple of days to complete and put together by an expert. However, if you have never done one before, it can be easy to underestimate the detail required for one of these surveys, which may result in it taking longer than normal. For example, one aspect of the survey involves providing a list of definitions based on the descriptive terms within the document. 

For instance, if you have described a something as ‘majorly damaged’ you would have to provide a definition of the word majorly. This is significant because it ensures that any future readers will be able to accurately translate your descriptions. As a result, the effort it takes to provide clear definitions of terms used, like many other aspects of the survey, would result in taking a long time for someone without experience. 

Is There a Risk to Producing Your Own Schedule of Conditions?

When it comes to completing the schedule of condition survey yourself, there is always going to be some level of risk that you have missed something important and made an error. This is because you do not complete a schedule of conditions regularly, therefore you are not as knowledgeable about what to include and the level of detail required. While human error is never 100% alleviated when an expert completes this document, there is a significantly reduced chance of missing details because they will be experienced in completing them on a regular basis.

What You Will Need to Produce a Schedule of Condition Yourself?

To undertake the schedule of condition yourself you will need to follow the typical structure used by experts. The structure of a schedule of condition helps to ensure that you cover all aspects of the property and provide appropriate details. The typical structure of a schedule of conditions survey includes:

  • The Purpose of the Survey
  • Details of the Location and Extent of the Property
  • Restrictions of the Inspection 
  • Weather Conditions and the Date of Inspection
  • Description of the Property and Condition of Elements 
  • Photographs or Relevant /Drawings of the Property. 
  • Definitions of Terms Used 

To learn more about what should be included in a schedule of conditions survey, take a look at a recent blog here. 

Why is a Schedule of Condition Important?

A schedule of conditions survey is important because it acts as evidence of what the condition of a property was before a tenant moves in. This is important because it can support the landlord’s argument if the tenant attempts to dispute some damage that they have caused to a property whilst under contract (or visa-versa). Without an accurate and up-to-date schedule of conditions, you do not have a benchmark that the tenant has to meet when leaving the tenancy. Instead they can claim that certain areas of damage were present before they moved in and you will have no evidence to prove otherwise. 

Another reason why a schedule of conditions survey is important is because it simultaneously acts as an audit of the property. When a property is between tenants, it can be a lot easier to evaluate the condition of a property and flag up any major concerns. For example, you may find evidence of dampness in the property behind some furniture that you would not have noticed during regular inspections. This can be extremely helpful because you may be able to identify issues that can be prevented from getting a lot worse.

How Long is a Condition Survey Valid For?

A schedule of conditions survey does not have to be completed annually under law, however it is usually recommended to complete them between each new tenant. This is because it can help you to determine the condition of every element within a property before a tenant moves in and then use it as a benchmark for when they leave. Arguably, on a logical level, a survey of condition is valid for the length of the tenancy until a new tenant enters, because if you do not complete one between each tenant you will not be able to determine under which tenancy damage has been made. 

What is a Schedule of Condition Cost?

In short, there is no standard cost for a schedule of conditions survey because it ultimately depends on the size and complexity of the property. For example, it would be unrealistic for a survey of an average terrace house to take the same level of detail and time as a 5 bedroom detached house due to additional size and rooms. However, at Crest Surveyors we do charge a minimum charge of … due to us being RICS qualified surveyors and being confident in our ability to deliver a comprehensive schedule of conditions survey. 

Schedule of Condition Surveys at Crest Surveyors

At Crest Surveyors, we have years of experience in completing schedules of condition surveys for both commercial and residential properties. What’s more, our surveyors are also registered under RICS legislation so you can be sure that we are meeting some of the structured property surveying standards across the UK. 

To save yourself a considerable amount of time, get in touch today to chat about our schedule of conditions survey service. 

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