Commercial Surveying Services

We provide essential  Surveying services to the Commercial sector in London, The South East and The Home counties. At Crest Surveyors we provide a reliable and first-class professional service, gained through several years of experience in building surveying across the commercial sectors.

Our reports provide an in-depth insight and summary of the condition of each building element. We pride ourselves in being able to meet our clients’ individual needs by tailoring our reports to meet specific requirements for each transaction.

We carefully and thoroughly inspect the property using our best endeavours to see as much as physically accessible and make reconditions as to any further actions to take or advice that needs to be obtained.

What Should a Schedule of Conditions Survey Contain?

A schedule of conditions survey should detail the condition of a commercial property at a particular date, and typically contains a written statement that describes the condition of the property, alongside a number of images, or sometimes videos, for a factual record of the property.

The survey looks both internally and externally at every aspect of the property, detailing its current condition, and highlighting any potential problems that owners may encounter in the future.

What is Covered in a Commercial Building Survey?

Commercial building surveys inspect all visible and accessible parts of commercial properties, including roofs, floors, windows, doors, chimneys, cellars, garages, and outbuildings. The survey will include information on any building defects found and will highlight the presence of any hazardous materials, such as asbestos. The survey will also advise if any maintenance work will need to be carried out in the future.

Should I Get a Survey on a Commercial Property?

Although not a legal requirement, commercial building surveys are essential for clarifying the condition of a property and its component parts prior to selling or renting, especially as tenants are usually liable for damage and repairs.

What are Property Dilapidations?

Property dilapidations refer to the condition of a property during its occupancy, or when a lease ends. A property dilapidation survey investigates the condition of the property at this time, determining whether any breaches of covenants have been made (often in relation to decoration, disrepair, and reinstatement), ensuring that the property is handed back to the owner in the condition set out in the lease. A schedule of conditions report should be conducted before the start of a new lease to eliminate negotiations for property dilapidations.

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